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          high voltage

          High Voltage

          Cengage Learning has all of your electrical utility needs covered. Whether you need a quick answer while on the job, a comprehensive review of essential information, or a thorough explanation of the theory that is the foundation of an electrical utility system, these titles will help you excel as a utility worker.

          Featured Products:

          cover image - The Guidebook for Linemen and Cablemen
          cover image - Electrical Essentials for Powerline Workers
          cover image - The Field Guide for Powerline Workers
          cover image - The Guidebook for Linemen and Cablemen
          Packaged as a convenient, single-volume reference guide on the operation of electrical utility systems, this book will give your students what other resources won't: practical coverage of the equipment and situations that power line workers are exposed to on a daily basis, with a focus on ensuring concepts are meaningful and applicable.
          Price: $74.95