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      Applied Codeology, Navigating the NEC® 2011

      ISBN 13: 9781935941019

      ISBN 10: 1935941011

      Author: National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee

      Pages: 208

      Published: 06/28/2011

      Price: $99.95 Add to cart

      APPLIED CODEOLOGY: NAVIGATING THE NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CODE? 2011 offers the perfect solution for any electrical professional who has ever felt overwhelmed when trying to locate specific information within the vast catalog of standards and articles contained in the NEC?. As the world's predominantly adopted and enforced electrical installation standard, the code is a critical reference tool for anyone working in the field of electrical installation or maintenance. Recognizing that in order to use this resource proficiently a complete understanding of the outline format is necessary, the book introduces simple techniques that allow readers to quickly identify and locate various NEC? sections. Readers then learn to qualify their electrical questions and efficiently and accurately access the necessary information within the code. Special attention is given to critical building block areas from the NEC? such as the Table of Contents, Section-90 Arrangements, Chapter 1-9 and more. Revised to reflect the NEC? 2011 and packed with all-new learning features, this book is a valuable "roadmap" that will familiarize readers with the code and give them the skills and confidence to make code-compliant installations that are safe and accurate.

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      • Updated to the 2011 National Electrical Code.
      • This thorough resource covers where to find information and how to use it, and clearly identifies key parts of the code that can be difficult to identify and interpret.
      • Interpretation of key code concepts written in an approachable language aids in safer and more dependable installations.
      • Written by an industry-expert author with years of experience in the field which allows readers to get information they can apply to real-world, on-the-job situations.
      • Additional review questions for each unit, and pre-tests and post-tests have been added to help readers assess what they have learned and to identify areas for improvement and additional study.
      • Updated to the 2011 NEC, this new edition includes many procedures such as the NITMAM process.
      Author Bio
      National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee
      NJATC develops and standardizes training for National Electrical Contractors Association and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, which represents more than 780,000 members working in a wide variety of fields around North America.
      cover image - Applied Codeology, Navigating the NEC® 2011