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          2018 International Plumbing Code®, Loose-leaf Version

          ISBN 13: 9781609837440

          ISBN 10: 1609837444

          Author: International Code Council (ICC)


          Published: 09/01/2017

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          The IPC provides minimum regulations for plumbing facilities in terms of both performance and prescriptive objectives, and provides for the acceptance of new and innovative products, materials, and systems. Important changes include:
          Updated table for the Minimum Number of Required Plumbing Fixtures.
          Single-user toilet facilities (a room having a single water closet and a single lavatory) are not required to be labeled for use by only a male or female (separated use designations).
          Solar thermal water heating systems need to conform to the ICC 900/SRCC 300 standard.
          Well systems are required to comply with standard NGWA-01 where local requirements do not cover subject matter or are lacking in detail on others.
          Author Bio
          International Code Council (ICC)
          ICC is a leading organization dedicated to developing a single set of comprehensive, coordinated national model construction codes. To date, 48 U.S. states have adopted various international codes from ICC.
          cover image - 2018 International Plumbing Code®, Loose-leaf Version
          Table of Contents
          1.Scope and Administration
          3.General Regulations
          4.Fixtures, Faucets and Fixture Settings
          5.Water Heaters
          6.Water Supply and Distribution
          7.Sanitary Drainage
          8.Indirect/ Special Waste
          10.Traps, Interceptors and Separators
          11.Storm Drainage
          12.Special Piping and Storage Systems
          13.Nonpotable Water Systems
          14.Subsurface Landscape Irrigation Systems
          15.Referenced Standards
          16.Appendix A: Plumbing Permit Fee Schedule
          17.Appendix B: Rates of Rainfall for Various Cities
          18.Appendix C: Structural Safety
          19.Appendix D: Degree Day and Design Temperatures
          20.Appendix E: Sizing of Water Piping System