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          2009 International Fuel Gas Code, Looseleaf Version

          ISBN 13: 9781580017343

          ISBN 10: 1580017347

          Author: International Code Council (ICC)

          Pages: 1

          Published: 03/02/2009

          Price: $93.75 Add to cart

          The 2009 International Fuel Gas Code? sets forth requirements that address the design and installation of fuel gas systems and gas-fired appliances, based on the most current information and technology available. The requirements are performance-driven, making this an effective tool and valuable addition to any Code library.

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          • updated content based on the expert insight of code enforcing officials, industry representatives, design professionals, and more
          • available in both soft cover and loose-leaf formats, allowing readers to use it as a standalone resource or to incorporate it into other code reference material
          • produced by the International Code Council, a membership organization that develops the codes used to construct residential and commercial buildings
          Author Bio
          International Code Council (ICC)
          ICC is a leading organization dedicated to developing a single set of comprehensive, coordinated national model construction codes. To date, 48 U.S. states have adopted various international codes from ICC.
          cover image - 2009 International Fuel Gas Code, Looseleaf Version
          Table of Contents
          Chapter 1 Scope and Administration.
          Chapter 2 Definitions.
          Chapter 3 General Regulations.
          Chapter 4 Gas Piping Installations.
          Chapter 5 Chimneys and Vents.
          Chapter 6 Specific Appliances.
          Chapter 7 Gaseous Hydrogen Systems.
          Chapter 8 Referenced Standards.