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      Journeyman Electrician's Review

      ISBN 13: 9781439059449

      ISBN 10: 1439059446

      Author: Richard E. Loyd

      Pages: 400

      Published: 06/17/2011

      Price: $49.95 Add to cart

      • Content and practice questions are updated to reflect the 2011 National Electrical Code®
      • More detailed explanations for the answers provided will give students a better grasp on the correct answer and why it is the correct answer.
      • Questions about NEC® related topics require students to cite specific code references providing practice in using the NEC® 2011 plus familiarity with the new code requirements.
      • An introduction to examinations national testing organizations and approved testing laboratories is included to acquaint readers with all aspects of journeyman electrician licensure.
      • Chapter-end questions are styled like the ones on licensing exams allowing students to identify topics they've mastered and pinpoint those that require further study.
      • Practice tests mimic actual licensing exams; familiarizing students with standard exam formats helping them assess their readiness and building their confidence.
      • Must-know electrical math and calculator usage is reviewed.
      cover image - Journeyman Electrician's Review