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      AC Theory

      ISBN 13: 9781435489028

      ISBN 10: 1435489020

      Author: National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee; Jeff Keljik

      Pages: 384

      Published: 04/14/2010

      Price: $99.95 Add to cart

      • Illustrates key concepts with enhanced 3-dimensional images.
      • Makes powerful connections between theory and practice with the addition of new real-world examples.
      • Updated, dynamic art to further clarify written examples.
      • Builds on students' knowledge by following a clear, logical progression from simplest concepts to more advanced principles.
      • "Technical Tips" explain industry practices and trade jargon to develop practical understanding.
      • Sidebars offer a true-to-life context for the topics covered through additional references, applications, and highlights of general interest to keep the theory more interesting and applicable.
      cover image - AC Theory
      Table of Contents
      Chapter 1 Introduction to Alternating
      Chapter 2 Production of the AC Sine Wave
      Chapter 3 Inductors, Self-Induction, Inductive Reactance, and Impedance
      Chapter 4 Resistors and Inductors in Series
      Chapter 5 Capacitors, Capacitance, and Capacitive Reactance
      Chapter 6 Capacitors and Resistors in Series
      Chapter 7 Series RLC Circuits
      Chapter 8 Parallel RL Circuits
      Chapter 9 Parallel RC Circuits
      Chapter 10 Parallel RLC Circuits
      Chapter 11 Combination RLC Circuits
      Chapter 12 AC Filter Circuits
      Chapter 13 Generators
      Chapter 14 AC Motors
      Chapter 15 Transformers
      Appendix A Mathematics: Using Vectors Effectively