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      The Green Home, A Decision Making Guide for Owners and Builders

      ISBN 13: 9781428377097

      ISBN 10: 1428377093

      Author: Lynn Underwood

      Pages: 304

      Published: 09/24/2009

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      What does a "green" home look like? What are its characteristics, and how can you ensure that you meet the highest green standards within a given budget? The answers to these questions and more are found in The Green Home, a book dedicated to teaching builders and homeowners alike about environmentally-friendly residential construction. This highly practical resource explores the very latest construction techniques, materials, processes, and green practices that will reduce the environmental impact of the building itself. Coverage ranges from air sealing measures and energy efficient practices to water conservation and the usage of natural materials, with a special focus on complying with zoning ordinances and building codes. With thorough explanations of the many benefits of green building, this is the perfect "nuts and bolts" guide to environmentally-sound homes.

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      • written by an experienced code official who tactfully integrates the International Code Council (ICC) Codes and the National Green Building Standard (NAHB) with green home building
      • checklists for both air sealing measures and ensuring building code compliance provide practical worksheets that readers can apply to real-world scenarios
      • detailed color photographs illustrate key concepts and help readers to visualize various green building components
      • valuable appendices delineate several "how to" references, offering additional resources that will supplement the information provided in the book
      • provides more explanation of the benefits of green building than any other book on the market
      • features latest in methods and materials
      Author Bio
      Lynn Underwood
      Lynn Underwood is a building code official for the city of Norfolk, Virginia. He has worked in the building safety profession and in building code development for 31 years. A Master Code Professional and Certified Building Official, he is fully certified in all aspects of construction by the International Code Council and sits on four national code development committees. Over the past 13 years, he has participated in developing significant changes in the codes and regularly testifies at ICC code hearings for or against proposed code changes. He is currently serving a three year term on the Board of Directors with the International Code Council. A past-president of the Virginia Building and Code Official's Association, Lynn has written five books on construction and inspection. He participated in the rewriting of the Building Department Administration book published by the ICC. In addition, he was a contributing author for Healthy and Safe Homes, published by the American Public Health Association in 2010. He also writes regularly for several national magazines, including Building Safety Journal and Fine Homebuilding. A graduate engineer, Lynn is a former home builder and a Class A licensed contractor in Virginia. He teaches construction and building code classes at the Virginia Building Code Academy (Advanced Instructor), Eastern Shore Community College, and Tidewater Community College, and has developed extensive educational and training curricula for construction and inspection programs.
      cover image - The Green Home, A Decision Making Guide for Owners and Builders
      Table of Contents
      Chapter One - Green Homebuilding and Sustainable Design
      Chapter Two - Green Home Site Selection
      Chapter Three - Green Homes, Sustainable Design and the Building Code
      Chapter Four - Resource efficient design
      Chapter Five - Building material choices
      Chapter Six - Indoor Air Quality
      Chapter Seven - Energy Conservation
      Chapter Eight - Appliances and Lighting
      Chapter Nine - Waste management during construction
      Chapter Ten - Water Efficiency and Water Heater usage
      Chapter Eleven - Renewable Energy Production
      Chapter Twelve - Homeowner Operation