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      DEWALT® Construction Professional Reference Master Edition, Residential and Light Commercial Construction

      ISBN 13: 9781418066321

      ISBN 10: 141806632X

      Author: William P. Spence; American Contractors Educational Services

      Pages: 400

      Published: 08/14/2009

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      eBook Price: $20.99 Add to cart

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      DEWALT Construction Professional Reference Master Edition is a must-have resource for anyone working in the residential or commercial construction trades. This comprehensive job site solution provides contractors with easy access to a wealth of reference material including construction specifications, site work, concrete and masonry construction, foundations, carpentry, roofing, and drywall/plaster. Covered exclusively in the master edition are topics such as job site safety, architectural design information, rigging, electrical and plumbing installations, fasteners, finish flooring, protective and decorative coatings, metal structural products and lightweight steel construction, engineering data and much more. Be sure to have this professional job site reference guide in your toolbox.

      Check out our app, DEWALT? Mobile Pro?. This free app is a construction calculator with integrated reference materials and access to hundreds of additional calculations as add-ons. To learn more, visit dewalt.com/mobilepro.
      Note*: If you are buying the e-book version of this product, any CD/DVD supplement files referenced throughout the book can be accessed for free at our Companion Downloads page.
      • extensive comprehensive topic coverage which enables users to save valuable time and money.
      • essential technical information helps contractors avoid costly mistakes.
      • content is completely current and up-to-date with industry standards.
      • special cover material is flexible, tear-resistant, and water- and oil-resistant for ease of use in the shop or on the job.
      • exclusive super-strong binding allows the books to lay flat when opened while keeping the pages securely intact.
      • large and easy-to-read text and illustrations make finding and retaining information a breeze.
      • convenient size easily fits into any pocket or toolbox for the ideal carry-along.
      Author Bio
      William P. Spence
      William P. Spence is Dean of the College of Technology as well as Professor of Construction Engineering Technology emeritus at Pittsburg State University in KS. He currently is active as a full-time author of more than 30 technical construction books.
      American Contractors Educational Services
      American Contractors Educational Services has successfully prepared candidates for state required licensing exams since 1991. A team of full time instructors comprises field experience, training expertise and formal education to formulate an effective and dynamic approach to concisely present pertinent test information in a seminar format.
      cover image - DEWALT® Construction Professional Reference Master Edition, Residential and Light Commercial Construction