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      Plumbing 401

      ISBN 13: 9781418065362

      ISBN 10: 1418065366

      Author: PHCC Educational Foundation

      Pages: 464

      Published: 11/04/2008

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      Designed for the fourth-year plumbing apprentice, Plumbing 401 uses a clear, easy-to-read writing style to provide a thorough understanding of practical plumbing installations and national plumbing codes. Coverage spans residential, commercial, industrial and institutional arenas, and includes important topics such as service and repair, blueprint reading, installation practices, heating systems, and related science and plumbing codes. Practical in its approach, with an emphasis on both safety and the latest plumbing technology, this guidebook will prove to be a valuable resource for apprentice and licensed plumbers alike.

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      Note*: If you are buying the e-book version of this product, any CD/DVD supplement files referenced throughout the book can be accessed for free at our Companion Downloads page.
      • detailed, relevant illustrations familiarize readers with current product knowledge and key plumbing concept
      • engineering and hydraulic facts supplement fundamental knowledge and keep readers engaged as they learn
      • professional practice insights provide readers with unique, easy-to-follow installation practices
      • code insights provide readers with code requirement information, as well as the rationale behind it
      • clear, straightforward writing style provides readers of all skill levels with a solid understanding of the practices and challenges of the plumbing industry
      Author Bio
      PHCC Educational Foundation
      The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC) Educational Foundation was founded in 1987 by a partnership of contractors, manufacturers, and wholesalers. Its mission is to provide workforce development, management education, and technical training to advance the growth and career success of those employed in the plumbing and HVACR industry.
      cover image - Plumbing 401
      Table of Contents
      Chapter 1: Service Professionalism, Leaks, and Drainage Problems
      Chapter 2: Residential and Commercial Service and Repair
      Chapter 3: Industrial and Institutional Service and Repair
      Chapter 4: Water Piping Service and Repair
      Chapter 5: Drain, Waste, and Vent Piping Service and Repair
      Chapter 6: Fuel Gas Piping and Lead Product Service and Repair
      Chapter 7: Water Heater Service and Repair
      Chapter 8: Waste Stoppage Service and Repair
      Chapter 9: Water Hammer Service and Repair
      Chapter 10: Controls Troubleshooting
      Chapter 11: DWV Sizing Utilizing Blueprint Reading
      Chapter 12: Storm Drainage Sizing Utilizing Blueprint Reading
      Chapter 13: Potable Water Line Sizing Utilizing Blueprint Reading
      Chapter 14: Fuel Gas Pipe Sizing Utilizing Blueprint Reading and Category I Venting
      Chapter 15: Indirect and Special Waste Installation Practices
      Chapter 16: Interceptor and Backwater Valve Installation Practices
      Chapter 17: Protection of the Water Supply
      Chapter 18: Steam Systems, One- and Two-pipe
      Chapter 19: Steam Equipment and Piping
      Chapter 20: Hot Water Heating and Hot Water Specialties
      Chapter 21: Forced Hot Water Systems
      Chapter 22: Hydronic Heating and Controls
      Chapter 23: Forced Air and Humidification
      Chapter 24: Solar Systems and Conservation Methods
      Chapter 25: Hydraulic and Pump Theory
      Chapter 26: Pump Types, Pump Uses, and Piping Design
      Chapter 27: Pump Performance Curves, Installation and Maintenance
      Chapter 28: Blueprint Review and Shop Drawing
      Chapter 29: Water Supply, DWV Isometric, and Storm Drainage Systems
      Chapter 30: Gas Distribution Systems, Gas Appliance Venting, and Specialized Components
      Chapter 31: Material Take-Off
      Chapter 32: Plumbing Code Administration and Licensing
      Chapter 33: Code Materials and Referenced Standards
      Chapter 34: Joints, Connections, Fittings, and Appurtenances
      Chapter 35: Plumbing Fixtures and Minimum Fixture Requirements
      Chapter 36: Hangers and Supports, Indirect Waste Piping, and Special Waste
      Chapter 37: Water Supply and Distribution
      Chapter 38: DWV and Storm Drain Systems
      Chapter 39: Medical Care Facilites Plumbing Equipment
      Chapter 40: Plumbing System Tests and Individual Sewage Disposal Systems
      Chapter 41: Potable Water Supply Systems
      Chapter 42: Mobile Home and Travel Trailer Park Plumbing Standards