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      A Guide to the Electrical Contractor's Exam

      ISBN 13: 9781418064105

      ISBN 10: 1418064106

      Author: National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee

      Pages: 198

      Published: 08/21/2007

      Price: $49.95 Add to cart

      • Multiple examples and practice problems are solved step-by-step and feature full, easy-to-understand explanations for a more enhanced learning experience
      • All the major portions of the exam are covered, including theory, calculations, circuits, special equipment, and business law
      • A realistic, 100-question practice exam combines all the elements of the exam day experience for the most comprehensive preparation available
      • An inclusive answer key is provided in the Appendix with detailed explanations of each solution
      cover image - A Guide to the Electrical Contractor's Exam
      Table of Contents
      Chapter 1. Introduction
      Chapter 2. Electrical Theory
      Chapter 3. Branch Circuit and Conductor Ampacity
      Chapter 4. Conduit and Box Fill Calculations
      Chapter 5. Residential Load Calculations
      Chapter 6. Commercial Load Calculations
      Chapter 7. Motor Calculations
      Chapter 8. Transformer Calculations
      Chapter 9. Motor Control Circuits
      Chapter 10. Special Equipment and Locations
      Chapter 11. Business Law Review
      Chapter 12. Practice Exam
      Answer Key