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      Residential Construction Academy, Masonry, Brick and Block Construction

      ISBN 13: 9781418052843

      ISBN 10: 1418052841

      Author: Robert Benjamin Ham

      Pages: 576

      Published: 08/28/2007

      Price: $129.95 Add to cart

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      A valuable addition to the popular Residential Construction Academy series, this book introduces and explains modern residential masonry construction procedures, as well as current building and construction industry safety regulations relevant to the field. Beginning masons, designers, homebuilders, students, and apprentices alike will benefit from the clear diagrams and step-by-step procedures. With technical information from nationally recognized trade associations like the National Association of Home Builders, Masonry Brick and Block Construction is a "must-have" for the aspiring mason.
      • Detailed illustrations clearly spell out procedures, instead of simply explaining them, so readers can learn and replicate important skills with ease
      • Self-assessments and lab activities offer reinforcements of key concepts
      • Factual information from the International Residential Code is incorporated where applicable so readers are getting the most accurate, most reliable information available to the industry
      • Visit the Residential Construction Academy website to learn more about the series – www.residentialconstructionacademy.com
      Author Bio
      Robert Benjamin Ham
      Robert B. Ham is a retired vocational education teacher, and the 2002 recipient of The Virginia Association of Trade and Industrial Education's Outstanding Teacher of the Year. Most recently a safety manager and director of masonry apprenticeship training for an established Virginia commercial masonry contractor, he is an experienced journeyman mason and masonry contractor. In addition to this text, Mr. Ham is the author of MASONRY: BRICK AND BLOCK CONSTRUCTION by Delmar, Cengage Learning. He is a 1974 graduate of Virginia Tech.
      cover image - Residential Construction Academy, Masonry, Brick and Block Construction
      Table of Contents
      Chapter 1 Brick Positions and Sizes
      Chapter 2 Brick Bonds and Patterns
      Chapter 3 Masonry Hand Tools
      Chapter 4 Masonry Construction Equipment
      Chapter 5 Laying Brick to the Line
      Chapter 6 Constructing Brick Leads
      Chapter 7 Masonry Spacing Scales
      Chapter 8 Masonry Mortars
      Chapter 9 Concrete Masonry Units
      Chapter 10 Laying Block to the Line
      Chapter 11 Constructing Block Leads
      Chapter 12 Estimating Masonry Materials
      Chapter 13 Residential Footings and Foundations
      Chapter 14 Constructing Water-Resistant Walls
      Chapter 15 Brick Veneer Construction
      Chapter 16 Composite and Cavity Walls
      Chapter 17 Brick Paving
      Chapter 18 Steps, Stoops, and Porches
      Chapter 19 Piers, Columns, Pilasters, and Chases
      Chapter 20 Appliance Chimneys
      Chapter 21 Masonry Fireplaces
      Chapter 22 Brick Masonry Arches
      Chapter 23 Cleaning Brick and Concrete Masonry
      Chapter 24 Residential Masonry As A Career
      Chapter 25 Safety for Masons
      Chapter 26 Reading Drawings and Plans