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      The Field Guide for Powerline Workers

      ISBN 13: 9781418014872

      ISBN 10: 1418014877

      Author: Wayne Van Soelen

      Pages: 480

      Published: 10/25/2006

      Price: $49.95 Add to cart

      • Coverage of distribution and transmission line technology enables readers to stay current with OSHA safety requirements and guidelines
      • Abundant tables, charts, and easy-to-follow formulas make this handbook a "must-have" for linemen and groundmen alike
      • Electrical awareness is thoroughly examined, including working on or near electrical circuits, vehicle grounding and bonding, lightning safety tips, and more
      • Serves as the perfect accompaniment to The Guidebook for Linemen and Cablemen
      • Convenient size makes this book perfect to keep in the truck or carry along on the jobsite
      cover image - The Field Guide for Powerline Workers
      Table of Contents
      Chapter 1- Working Safely
      Chapter 2- Electrical Awareness
      Chapter 3- Operating Switchgear
      Chapter 4- Troubleshooting No Power
      Chapter 5- Troubleshooting Voltage Irregularities
      Chapter 6- Troubleshooting Transformers
      Chapter 7- Installing Personal Protective Grounds
      Chapter 8- Stringing, Splicing and Making Connections
      Chapter 9- Working With an Underground Cable
      Chapter 10- Rigging
      Chapter 11- Preparing for Hot Work
      Chapter 12- Using the Truck and Boom
      Chapter 13- Installing and Removing Revenue Meters
      Chapter 14- Troubleshooting Outdoor Lighting
      Chapter 15- Controlling Tree Work Hazards
      Chapter 16- Inspecting a Substation