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          Practical Problems in Math for Health Science Careers

          ISBN 13: 9781111540388

          ISBN 10: 1111540381


          Pages: 368

          Published: 02/27/2012

          Price: $101.95 Add to cart

          • Real drug labels are now used as figures to provide realistic math calculations.
          • New graphs and diagrams enhance the explanation of mathematical principles.
          • Additional problems that are updated to current day pricing and costs appear in every unit in the text.
          • Expanded coverage for Biotechnology Research and Development Careers that includes new review exercises.
          • Updated Careers chapter contains new educational requirements, salary ranges, and job-specific duties using National Healthcare Standards.
          • Specifically focused on practical math applications in the health care professions.
          • Outstanding graphics, charts, and diagrams help readers visualize the problems and learn how to interpret information.
          • Signature "Careers" chapter details the broad spectrum of employment opportunities in health care.
          • Familiarizes readers with the medical abbreviations used in math problems throughout the various health occupations.
          cover image - Practical Problems in Math for Health Science Careers