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      Practical Problems in Mathematics for Carpenters

      ISBN 13: 9781111313425

      ISBN 10: 1111313423

      Author: Mark Huth

      Pages: 208

      Published: 07/26/2011

      Price: $79.95 Add to cart

      Take command of any building and carpentry project with the robust, construction-specific math skills you will get from the 9th Edition of PRACTICAL PROBLEMS IN MATHEMATICS FOR CARPENTERS. Divided into short units, this combination book/workbook explains the math principles essential to carpentry and building construction in straightforward, concise language, and then reinforces each concept with samples of problems common in the trade. Step-by-step solutions to the problems, as well as detailed illustrations, help you easily understand the math, visualize its application in everyday carpentry work, and perform functions yourself.
      • UPDATED GREEN CONSTRUCTION COVERAGE: Readers get the latest information on green construction with added problems related specifically to this booming area of carpentry and building construction.
      • HELPFUL HOMEWORK SUPPORT: Learners can easily practice problems, highlight content, take notes, and quiz themselves with the interactive tools provided in the new CourseMate learning resource for the 9th Edition of PRACTICAL PROBLEMS IN MATHEMATICS FOR CARPENTERS.
      • CARPENTRY PROBLEMS: Rather than hypothetical and abstract concepts, the text centers on real-world carpentry problems, including modern construction materials and practices.
      • DETAILED CALCULATOR COVERAGE: Step-by-step instruction and illustrations show how to properly use a 4-function calculator to solve math problems.
      • COMMON-SENSE DELIVERY OF THE FACTS: Each important concept starts with basic arithmetic operations and progresses to the compound problems applied in light-frame construction.
      • VALUABLE MATERIAL: Easy-to-understand and thorough, the mathematical principles in PRACTICAL PROBLEMS IN MATHEMATICS FOR CARPENTERS, 9th Edition are those that most carpenters encounter on the job.
      cover image - Practical Problems in Mathematics for Carpenters
      Table of Contents
      Section I: WHOLE NUMBERS.
      1. Addition to Whole Numbers.
      2. Subtraction of Whole Numbers.
      3. Multiplication of Whole Numbers.
      4. Division of Whole Numbers.
      5. Combined Operations with Whole Numbers.
      6. Addition of Common Fractions.
      7. Subtraction of Common Fractions.
      8. Multiplication of Common Fractions.
      9. Division of Common Fractions.
      10. Combined Operations with Common Fractions.
      11. Addition of Decimal Fractions.
      12. Subtraction of Decimal Fractions.
      13. Multiplication of Decimal Fractions.
      14. Division of Decimal Fractions.
      15. Expressing Common Fractions and Mixed Numbers as Decimals.
      16. Simple Percent and Percentage.
      17. Interest.
      18. Discounts.
      19. Linear Measure.
      20. Working with Feet and Inches.
      21. Square Measure.
      22. Surface measurement: Triangles.
      23. The Framing Square.
      24. Surface Measurement: Irregular Figures.
      25. Surface Measurement: Circles
      26. Volume Measurement: Cubes and Rectangular Solids.
      27. Board Measure.
      28. Volume Measurement.
      29. Weight Measure.
      Section VI: POWERS AND ROOTS.
      30. Applications of Exponents in Formulas.
      31. Using Square Root to Find Sides of Right Triangles.
      Sample Chapters