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      DEWALT® Carpentry Quick Check: Extreme Duty Edition

      ISBN 13: 9781111135874

      ISBN 10: 1111135878

      Author: Chris Prince

      Pages: 42

      Published: 12/06/2011

      Price: $14.95 Add to cart

      Packed with the most valuable reference tools required in everyday residential carpentry and framing, the DEWALT Carpentry Quick Check: Extreme Duty Edition will give you the knowledge you need to master the mathematical aspects of carpentry. From math calculations and fastener schedules to span tables, load calculations, and framing, this innovative resource has identified the formulas that are most critical, and presents them using a clear, step-by-step approach. The guide's comprehensive yet concise content is complemented by its practical packaging: a tough, sturdy cover and laminated pages make it a toolbox- and site-friendly tool, and its quick-reference tabs provide at-your-fingertips information, any time that you need it.

      Check out our app, DEWALT? Mobile Pro?. This free app is a construction calculator with integrated reference materials and access to hundreds of additional calculations as add-ons. To learn more, visit dewalt.com/mobilepro.
      • Illuminates key concepts with use of color and detailed illustrations.
      • Enhances comprehension with real-world examples that offer a meaningful and relevant context for critical calculations.
      • Clarifies complicated calculations with reliable and detailed charts and tables.
      • Facilitates on-the-job use with convenient toolbox-size format and wire-o binding that lays flat so hands are free to work.
      Author Bio
      Chris Prince
      Chris Prince has been in the construction industry for the past 15 years, both in the field and formal training. By developing courses and teaching in live classroom settings, he has helped more than 10,000 candidates across the country prepare for state licensing exams. Mr. Prince has been instrumental in launching an online training program for residential and commercial contractors, with emphasis on building theory, codes, licensing, lien laws, business management, ethics, OSHA, contract law, payroll, and project management. He is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University.
      cover image - DEWALT® Carpentry Quick Check: Extreme Duty Edition