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          Electricity for Refrigeration, Heating, and Air Conditioning

          ISBN 13: 9781111038748

          ISBN 10: 1111038740

          Author: Russell E. Smith

          Pages: 736

          Published: 06/24/2010

          Price: $159.95 Add to cart

          ELECTRICITY FOR REFRIGERATION, HEATING, AND AIR CONDITIONING, 8E is the ideal book for students and beginning technicians. It provides readers with the basic electrical principles necessary to understand today's modern control systems. The practical approach taken in this book allows readers to focus exclusively on the electronics information they will use in the field, without bogging them down in unnecessary theory. ELECTRICITY FOR REFRIGERATION, HEATING, AND AIR CONDITIONING, 8E places an emphasis on developing systematic diagnosis and troubleshooting methods and procedures that will enable readers to become highly-skilled, professional HVAC-R service technicians. A comprehensive glossary is also included to assist those who are new to the field in understanding and using industry terms.
          • Includes full color Art.
          • Includes a revised Chapter 13 (Electronic Controls Devices) with additional electronic controls.
          • Contains a new chapter (Chapter 16-Residential Air-Conditioning Controls Systems) that includes residential air conditioning control systems, furnace control heating systems, and heat pump control systems, along with an sequence of operation of each. An overview of equipment configuration is also included, as is a short section on customer relations.
          • Includes a basic overview of commercial and industrial control systems in Chapter 17, including the basic circuitry of light commercial equipment, control methods for commercial and industrial conditioned air systems, an explanation of the control loop as it relates to commercial and industrial control systems, as well as a brief explanation of pneumatic and direct digital controls systems.
          • Contains "Green" awareness paragraphs placed in appropriate positions in the text.
          • Included in every chapter are learning objectives, definitions of key terms, summaries, plus plenty of review questions to increase comprehension and improve retention.
          • Contains new photos and illustrations that encourage readers to apply information presented in the book directly to modern equipment, components and control systems.
          • Introduces and uses symbols consistently and explores schematic diagrams of twelve specific applications used in industry, enabling readers to become expert troubleshooters.
          • Includes in-depth discussion of the types, designs, starting components and diagnosis and troubleshooting procedures for single-phase motors that mirrors their importance in the industry.
          • Includes coverage of contactors, relays, thermostats, pressure and manual switches, overload and other state-of-the-art electrical components that prepare readers for work in the field today.
          Author Bio
          Russell E. Smith
          Russell E. Smith is an Air Conditioning Technology Instructor emeritus at Athens Technical College in Athens, Georgia. Mr. Smith also ran his own contracting and consulting firm for many years. He is a Certificate Member of the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society and holder of Conditioned Air Non-Restricted in the State of Georgia. He holds an AE in Air Conditioning Engineering.
          cover image - Electricity for Refrigeration, Heating, and Air Conditioning
          Table of Contents
          1. Electrical Safety.
          2. Basic Electricity.
          3. Electric Circuits.
          4. Electric Meters.
          5. Components, Symbols and Circuitry of Air Conditioning Wiring Diagrams.
          6. Reading Schematic Diagrams.
          7. Alternating Current, Power Distribution, and Voltage Systems.
          8. Installation of Heating and Air Conditioning Systems.
          9. Electric Motors.
          10. Components of Electric Motors.
          11. Contractors, Relays and Overloads.
          12. Thermostats, Pressure Switches, and Other Electric Control Devices.
          13. Electronic Control Devices.
          14. Heating Control Devices.
          15. Troubleshooting Electric Control Devices.
          16. Residential Air Conditioning Control Systems.
          17. Light Commercial Air Conditioning Control Systems.
          18. Troubleshooting Refrigeration, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Control Circuits and Systems.