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      Green Applications for Residential Construction

      ISBN 13: 9781111037543

      ISBN 10: 111103754X

      Author: Mike Guertin

      Pages: 64

      Published: 04/27/2010

      Price: $24.95 Add to cart

      • Key "green" terminology is highlighted and defined in a glossary.
      • Content is correlated to Residential Construction Academy textbooks.
      • Each application is organized around a consistent set of green building principles.
      • Visit the Residential Construction Academy website to learn more about the series – www.residentialconstructionacademy.com
      cover image - Green Applications for Residential Construction
      Table of Contents
      Introduction to Green Building.
      Application 1: Masonry.
      Application 2: Plumbing.
      Application 3: House Wiring.
      Application 4: HVAC.
      Application 5: Carpentry.