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          DEWALT® Electrical Licensing Exam Guide, Updated for the NEC 2008

          ISBN 13: 9780979740312

          ISBN 10: 0979740312

          Author: Ray Holder

          Pages: 224

          Published: 07/15/2008

          Price: $24.95 Add to cart

          Completely updated to the 2005 and 2008 NEC?, the DEWALT Electrical Licensing Exam Guide is a complete and comprehensive electrical exam test preparation guide. This new "standard" for the electrical industry will help readers prepare to pass the Contractors, Journeyman, Masters, Residential, Maintenance, and Sign licensing exams.
          • updated for the 2005 and 2008 NEC®
          • covers most electrical licensing and certification exams in one complete volume
          • practical sample exams help readers put their skills to the test
          • includes effective study tips and reference material for surefire success
          • content is completely current and up-to-date with industry standards
          • large and easy-to-read text makes finding information a breeze
          • practice exam CD simulates the exam experience and includes the ability to skip questions, mark questions to review later, and assess subject areas that need improvement.
          Author Bio
          Ray Holder
          Ray Holder has worked in the electrical industry for more than 50 years as an apprentice, journeyman, master, field engineer, estimator, business manager, contractor, inspector, consultant, author, and instructor. He is a graduate of Texas State University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in occupational education. A certified instructor of electrical trades, he has been awarded a lifetime teaching certificate from the Texas Education Agency in the field of vocational education. Mr. Holder has taught thousands of students at the University of Texas; Austin Community College; Odessa College; Technical-Vocational Institute of Albuquerque, New Mexico; Howard College at San Angelo, Texas; and in the public school systems in Fort Worth and San Antonio, Texas. He is currently the director of education for Electrical Seminars, Inc. Mr. Holder is a past member of the National Fire Protection Association and International Association of Electrical Inspectors, and a retired member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.
          cover image - DEWALT® Electrical Licensing Exam Guide, Updated for the NEC 2008
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