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      DEWALT® Business and Project Management, Instant Access Online Exam Preparation

      ISBN 13: 9780357116548

      ISBN 10: 0357116542

      Author: American Contractors Exam Services


      Published: 01/16/2019

      Price: $20.00 Add to cart

      This online course contains more than 300 questions primarily focused on business and project management for contractors. Successful completion of each of these practice exams will significantly increase the chances of passing the exam, as well as provide improved knowledge of business and project management in the construction industry.

      Course Coverage Includes:
      - Business Planning
      - Licensing
      - Financial Management
      - Estimating
      - Tax Laws
      - Lien Laws
      - Jobsite Safety
      - Contract Management
      - Labor Management
      • Hundreds of practice questions.
      • Instant access for 180 days.
      • Instant reporting including timing and testing results.
      • Bookmarking feature to access content later.
      • Code references for code-related questions.
      • Bonus reference and resource materials.
      Author Bio
      American Contractors Exam Services
      American Contractors Exam Services has successfully prepared candidates for state required licensing exams since 1991. A team of full time instructors comprises field experience, training expertise, and formal education to formulate an effective and dynamic approach to concisely present pertinent test information in a seminar format. The seminars are conducted throughout the United States utilizing multi-media and interactive technology.
      cover image - DEWALT® Business and Project Management, Instant Access Online Exam Preparation